Feast of Shadows

Session 1: Loudwater Attacked! (April 4, 2009)

Having just arrived in Loudwater, the party arrives at the Antler and Thistle Inn just in time to repel an attack by a small band of goblinoid creatures. D’hiair, thinking to glance out the window, warns that several more creatures approach. Militiaman Thaylor leaps from his table to secure the inn’s entryway, creating a chokepoint at the door. Sae’onid, D’hiair and Inquistor Van Dalus engage the hobgoblins who’ve managed to get inside. Seeing that the entrance is blocked, the hobgoblins enter via the windows.

It is soon apparent that the goblin’s goals are twofold. They intend to set fire to the inn and they intend to steal the much prized Red Hand of Doom banner (a historical relic) adorning one of the walls. Two goblins manage to wiggle their way into the inn with bitumen torches in hand. The bar and a nearby card table are soon set afire. Sae’onid and D’hiair exit via windows to engage (and quickly dispatch) the crush of hobgoblins attempting to enter. Thaylor continues to hold the entrance while Van Dalus moves to prevent the surviving goblin from taking the banner.

Outside the Inn

With the attack repelled, the party addresses the growing blaze, evacuating remaining civilians and seeing that a bucket brigade is formed. The sound of distant fighting is heard, and yet, curiously, the general alarm has not been sounded. Receiving word that the militia is making a stand at the northern bridge, the party relinquishes its one prisoner to beleaguered innkeeper and resolves to join the town’s defense. Their progress is impeded, however, by the sudden appearance of a large ogre pulling a wagon full of pitch casks. With the help of two hobgoblins riding atop the wagon, the ogre attempts to use the casks as giant barrel-sized bombs.

The party closes with the wagon, preventing the ogre from using its pitch bombs, but putting itself within range of the ogre’s deadly reach. Most of the party concentrates on the ogre, but Van Dalus moves to distract the hobgoblin archers who’ve proved themselves so dangerous to Thaylor. D’hiair ravages the ogre with her surgical attacks while Sae’onid’s bardic magic serves to blunt the ogre’s tremendous retaliatory strikes. Thaylor does his best to defend his allies, but finds himself outmatched by the creature’s sheer size and strength.

The party narrowly escapes when the dying ogre drops a lit cask, igniting the nearby wagon. As the casks ignite, the wagon explodes with a series of fireballs. Van Dalus, meanwhile, determined to leave no survivors, chases down the remaining hobgoblin archer. As the wagon burns to the ground, a small crowd of children cheer from a nearby rooftop. Word of the ogre’s defeat quickly spreads across town.

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